Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

Prevention of Sexual Harassment cell

Sexual Harassment is a very sensitive issue and the students facing such problems will not be in a mind-set to address these issues. Thus, this committee was constituted to tackle such problems and help the students. Powers are vested in the hands of the committee to take stringent action on students involving in such activities. The committee is constituted as follows.


S.No Name Designation Contact Details
1 Dr.Joseph Jawhar S Principal Ph. No: 9443418553 Email:


S.No Name Designation
1 Mr.J.Linus Legal Advisor/External Member
2 Ms.Pon L T Thai Assistant Professor/Member Secretary
3 Ms.J.Hinduja Assistant Professor
4 Ms.G.Jini Mol Assistant Professor
5 Ms.B.Praisy Assistant professor
6 Ms R Sheela Assistant professor
7 Ms.Shylaja.M.L Student Representative

Function and Responsibilities:

  1. To provide friendly environment in the campus for both the genders.
  2. Girls & Women should be highly sheltered.
  3. Sexual harassment will be treated as a misconduct.
  4. If any complaint of sexual harassment comes to thecommittee immediate disciplinary action along with appropriate action in accordance with the law should be taken.