Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

Entrepreneurship Development Committe

Entrepreneurship Development Cell [EDC] was established to assist students, entrepreneurs, including Institutes’ faculty, with pre-venture, start-up or existing business with financial management, marketing, technology and product development and commercialization issues.


S.No Name Designation Contact Details
1 Dr.Joseph Jawhar S Principal Ph. No: 9443418553 Email:


S.No Name Designation
1 Dr.T.S.Sivarani EEE HOD/Member Secretary
2 Dr.M.V.Reena Associate Professor
3 Dr.A.Uma Associate Professor
4 Ms.S.A.Lavanya Assistant Professor
5 Ms.I.Siriya Pushpa Leela Assistant Professor
6 Ms.L.N.Arthi Assistant Professor
7 Ms. Aksha J. Sumi Assistant Professor
8 Ms.C. Jasphin Assistant Professor

Function and Responsibilities:

  1. The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC) will encourage and support entrepreneurial activities among students of our institution.
  2. The cell regularly organizes different activities and events to train and motivate the students as an entrepreneur.
  3. This cell acts as facilitator and resource institution to motivate, guide and help prospective and existing entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial endeavors / efforts through positive training interventions.
  4. This cell strives to identify the talented youth to become an entrepreneur.