Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

Disciplinary And Welfare Committee

Discipline is a serious aspect of concern amongst students owing to peer pressure and other kinds of distractions around them. Their behaviour changes and they react differently to various situations. This committee monitors the students and ensures that no discriminatory act is committed. Also, in the event of any indiscipline activities, action is taken by the committee


S.No Name Designation Contact Details
1 Dr.Joseph Jawhar S Principal Ph. No: 9443418553 Email:


S.No Name Designation
1 Mr.B.Parthasarathi First Year Coordinator/Member Secretary
2 Dr.M.Suthanthira Associate professor
3 Ms.Ancy John J Assistant Professor
4 Ms.L.N.Arthi Assistant Professor
5 Ms.D.Siva Senthil Assistant professor
6 Ms.R.Jothi Assistant Professor
7 Ms.Chandrika Sasi.M Representative of Hostel

Function and Responsibilities:

  1. To maintain general discipline among students.
  2. To deal with issues of indiscipline and decide on necessary action.
  3. To preserve / protect the welfare of staff and students of the institution.
  4. To deliberate upon issue concerning welfare of the college and come out with solutions for them.