Arunachala College of Engineering for Women

Dr. N. Meena Zenith, B.Com, MBA, Ph.DDirector

Dr. N. Meena Zenith, Director of Arunachala College of Engineering for Women, pursued B.Com, MBA and Ph.D degrees from Noorul Islam College of Arts and Science.

It is clear that one of the most significant variables influencing a nation’s ability to thrive and flourish is its level of education. It is undoubtedly a potent weapon against the fierce rivalry that man encounters throughout his life. But, education does not imply the production of workers for business. ’Skilling people’ is a big challenge for the whole world. Rather than concentrating on the great accomplishments, we work to increase educational ability.

Our focus is to bring about qualitative and value based education to nurture our students to evolve as future global leaders. We are engaged in the admirable task of influencing students lives. Students will love their time at Arunachala College of Engineering for Women, and it will provide the necessary foundation to help them to reach their career or educational goals.